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Multidimensional Viewer for large datasets

Everyday, applications and users increasingly demand the use of large amount of data. Meteorology, climate, oceanographic, forestry, etc. Processing and visualization of so large datasets is the objective of the Multidimensional Viewer. Builds on the Glob3 framework, from IGO Software, Multidimensional Viewer take advantage of using powerful and efficient data structures and processing algorithms, like adaptive octree, allowing the viewer optimally presents 3D information over the WorldWind.

Multidimensional Viewer allows users to present 3D information from different data sources. Large datasets of scalar or vector information, coming from point cloud data, can be optimally displayed as 3D information in real time, e.g., LiDAR point clouds, laser scanner point clouds, weather data from High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM), etc.

Lidar point clouds

Laser scanner point clouds

Weather data from HIRLAM

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